Our video shows the functions of the TMS and we recommend you watch that first. If you still have queries, hopefully the below answer them. If not, please contact us and we are more than happy to discuss further

How can I watch the video?

How does the TMS work?

The TMS uses powerful formulas to ensure your tournament runs smoothly. When a club purchases the TMS they will be given access to documents that support them to structure and deliver their tournament.

I don’t understand formulas and am not at all ‘techy’ – is the TMS for me?

YES! We have designed the TMS to make it very simple to use. At no time will you have to enter formulas – the system will do this automatically. All you need to do is enter the names of the teams in the tournament and then the scores of the games – the system will do the rest!

Where are the results and league tables displayed?

Your tournament will have dedicated pages on www.cscoaching.org.uk. You can link directly from your own website

Other providers say that Excel/Google Sheets is not suitable for tournament delivery. Why should I use the TMS?

Excel does not mean complicated and scary! We have made it simple – anybody can use the TMS regardless of how much experience they have of using spreadsheets! We are not going to hide our enthusiasm about using Excel/Google Sheets for the TMS

We know other providers are negative about Excel and sell their product based on it it not being Excel. Our argument is that Excel is the most used spreadsheet software in the world and it is easy to use. Other providers have built their own spreadsheet software – our question is why? We have used and seen other providers and they all have limitations and some result in a tournament organiser having to manually enter calculations.

As we have been able to produce powerful formulas, everything is done for you! Excel is the perfect software for the TMS.

Other providers say you can’t use Excel on websites to show results. We have shown that you can! And we ensure it updates every 20 seconds so it really is live (and not 10-15 minutes later!)

Above all else, Excel makes it simple to use for the end user and you know that it is a trusted piece of software that has been used for decades rather than a piece of software that you know nothing about.

How do the results and league tables appear on the website?

Using complex code, results and leagues tables automatically update every 20 seconds on the website. All you need to do is enter the scores of the matches and the TMS will do its magic!

What are the benefits of using online results and league tables?

With technology developing, everything can be done by smartphone. We feel tournaments can also be managed by smartphone. We have carried out extensive research and trialled other products but they all have flaws. We believe our TMS will ensure that everybody knows the results and current league positions quickly ensuring that there are no delays to your tournament.

Not everybody has a smartphone and some people prefer seeing results on paper – does the TMS cater for this?

YES! This is where we stand out from the rest. Our TMS provides you with a backup plan. Other products on the market solely rely on the internet meaning if there was a worldwide internet shut down – your tournament will descend into chaos! A lot of people may not want to use their smartphone to look at the results and there is something traditional about surrounding round the control tent trying to work out the league positions! Our TMS caters for this by providing you with a back up plan using the documentation we have used for over a decade. The TMS will produce this quickly and efficiently saving you time and stress

We deliver our tournament to raise funds for our club, how can we afford the TMS?

Having delivered tournaments for over a decade we know how important they are in raising much needed funds for clubs. We believe the TMS will raise the bar of your tournament and meaning clubs will want to keep coming back year on year. Solutions of how to fund the TMS include increasing the team entry fee by a small amount and saving money on programme printing and just using the website (we can include your sponsors logos on webpages). We really believe that the TMS will save you time and stress and when clubs rely on volunteers – surely saving time and stress is worth considering?!

What support is provided?

We know that other products send you the software, take the money and then leave you high and dry when you need them most. Our motivation is providing high quality tournaments for young people so we are committed to supporting you. We will use video meeting technology called Zoom to walk you through the software and be on hand when you need us in the lead up to the tournament. Don’t worry, Zoom is totally free so no additional cost!

I am interested, what do I need to do

Great! Drop us an email using the Contact Us tab on the website. We will then set up a zoom meeting to show you the software. There is no charge for this initial meeting and absolutely no obligation to purchase.