Based in West Sussex, Wick Dynamos Juniors Football Club first partnered with Tournament Organiser in 2022 and continued their partnership in 2023. As a returning customer, the club experienced the unique advantages of Tournament Organiser’s services, ensuring a smooth tournament experience for players, volunteers, and supporters alike.

Embracing the Premium Package

In 2023, Wick Dynamos Juniors Football Club hosted their football tournament spread over two eventful days. Each age group category had its own dedicated day, allowing Tournament Organiser to craft a bespoke schedule that featured staggered lunch times. The ingenious approach ensured food outlets were not overwhelmed, enhancing the overall experience for all attendees.

Tailored Tournament Structures for Maximum Participation

With 136 teams participating across various age categories, including teams in inclusive disability age groups, Wick Dynamos showcased its dedication to promoting inclusivity and diversity in youth football. Tournament Organiser’s hallmark is the ability to provide custom-designed formats tailored to each clubs specific requirements. While most age groups had two groups of six teams, with the winners and runners-up advancing to the knockout, Wick Dynamos Juniors experienced the full extent of Tournament Organiser’s flexibility. For instance, the Under 14s had a unique format with one group of eight teams, with matches efficiently played across two pitches. This bespoke approach ensured the age category ran smoothly, featured a lunch break, and concluded at the same time as the other groups.

Fostering Unforgettable Experiences

With Tournament Organiser expertly handling the intricate details of tournament organisation, Wick Dynamos’ passionate volunteers wholeheartedly dedicated themselves to crafting a dynamic and exhilarating experience for the young footballers. The spirited competition and vibrant atmosphere on the field became the heart and soul of the tournament, leaving an indelible mark on everyone involved, making it an event filled with lasting memories.

A Partnership Based on Personalisation and Support

Wick Dynamos Juniors Football Club and Tournament Organiser share a harmonious partnership built on the principles of personalisation, efficiency, and unwavering support for youth football. Together, they orchestrate tournaments that not only provide high quality football action but also nurture a sense of community, fostering special memories for all involved.

Your Trusted Tournament Solution

As a trusted tournament solution, Tournament Organiser empowers clubs like Wick Dynamos to create exceptional youth football events. With Tournament Organiser as a dedicated partner, every tournament becomes a celebration of youth football, kindling a passion for the sport and creating unforgettable moments for the young people on the field.

Statement by Wick Dynamos Youth Football Club:

“So Much More Than Just Fixtures & Results Software”

 “Wick Dynamos Junior FC have been holding Summer Tournaments for many years now and we have always found that keeping track on who has entered a team and who has or hasn’t paid is usually a very time consuming job. That all changed when we signed up to use the facilities offered by Tournament Organiser, and I would whole heartedly recommend them to any club looking to hold their own tournament or Football Festival. 

The solution is easy to use and very simple to understand and the fact that it is updated in real time, means it is a great way to organise not just the groups, fixtures and results but the whole tournament itself.

Each year that we have used the Tournament Organiser solution we have had great feedback with regards to how well the tournament is run and organised but also how easy it is to keep up with the results on the day. This is due to the incredibly easy to use and navigate online scoring system that allows every coach and parent to keep up to date on group positions, scores and points. 

The volunteers that we have in our control tent whose job it is to collect scores and work out the group positions have also given excellent feedback about how easy it now is to keep track of scores and group positions. They are also very happy about the QR code that Colin provides as instead of answering questions all day about who is winning in which group or who is going through, they can just direct people to the QR code for the online real time scoring system. Teams can keep track of all games and scores on their own mobile phones as the competition progresses. The scoring volunteers comment was “it sure beats the old days when we had a spread sheet and a white board!”

Using the excellent Tournament Organiser has definitely taken the headache out of setting up, organising and managing a tournament.”

Richard Smallbone – Wick Dynamos, 2023