Fawley Falcons Youth Football Club based in Hampshire, is a dedicated group of youth football volunteers. Organising a seamless and enjoyable youth football tournament demands efficient planning, adaptable solutions, and reliable support.

Your Tournament Partner

In 2021, Fawley Falcons collaborated with Tournament Organiser for their annual youth football tournament. Challenges arose due to the lingering effects of COVID-19, leading to some last-minute team withdrawals. However, Tournament Organiser’s flexibility allowed quick adjustments to the tournament structure, ensuring a smooth event.

Tournament Organiser – The Premium Package Advantage

With Tournament Organiser’s Premium Package, Fawley Falcons enjoyed a user-friendly online tournament entry system. This led to an overwhelming response, with 75 teams registering for the 2021 tournament. The innovative online player registration system further streamlined the process, enabling 95% of teams to pre-register their players and eliminating the need for paper records.

Growing Success in 2023

By 2023, Fawley Falcons Youth Football Tournament had expanded significantly, attracting 113 teams across age groups from Under 7 to Under 15. Tournament Organiser supported a two-day event with morning and afternoon sessions for each age group, offering a rewarding experience for all participants.

Personalised Support for a Smooth Experience

At Tournament Organiser, we understand the significance of a stress-free tournament for Fawley Falcons Youth Football Club. Our dedicated expert, intricately involved in crafting the tournament system, remained at their side throughout the event. This hands-on support ensured a smooth running of the tournament, freeing Fawley Falcons’ volunteers to focus on what truly mattered – providing a remarkable experience for the young participants.

Tailored Tournament Structures

In 2023, teams competed in two groups of four, with top-performing teams advancing to a competitive cup knockout stage, while others proceeded to a plate knockout competition all catered for by Tournament Organiser. Age groups with fewer than eight teams saw new tournament structures designed for maximum playing time and enjoyment.

Simplicity, Efficiency, and Passion for Youth Football

Tournament Organiser’s partnership with Fawley Falcons Youth Football Club exemplifies shared values of simplicity, efficiency, and a genuine love for youth football. Together, they elevate each tournament to deliver seamless and rewarding experiences for clubs, players, and supporters.

Your Tournament Success Partner

With Tournament Organiser handling the intricate details of fixtures and management, Fawley Falcons could confidently dedicate their efforts to fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere, leaving lasting memories for the young footballers. We took pride in being their trusted partner, ensuring every moment of the tournament was a celebration of youth football.