Eversley & California Youth Football Club, situated on the borders of Hampshire, Surrey, and Berkshire, annually hosts a prestigious youth football tournament, attracting over 200 teams. Seeking a reliable partner, they turned to Tournament Organiser in 2020 to support their summer tournament, marking the beginning of a successful collaboration.

Your Tournament Partner

The Eversley & California Youth Football Tournament, renowned for its excellence, caters to age groups ranging from Under 6 to Under 16, including girls’ teams. Teams are thoughtfully streamed based on ability, ensuring competitive and rewarding experiences for all participants. With Tournament Organiser’s support, the tournament structure efficiently managed two groups of five teams for each age group and ability category, leading to exciting knockout competitions.

Adapting Amidst Challenges

Amidst the uncertainties of COVID-19, the 2020 and 2021 tournaments faced unfortunate cancellations. However, in 2022, Tournament Organiser and Eversley & California Youth Football Club joined forces, resulting in a highly successful tournament that left a lasting impression on all involved.

Efficiency with the Premium Package

Choosing Tournament Organiser’s Premium Package, Eversley & California effectively managed over 200 entries and extensive waiting lists through a user-friendly team registration system. Embracing innovation, an online player registration system streamlined the process, eliminating the need for paper records and enhancing the overall experience for players and organisers alike.

Seamless Two-Day Event

The Eversley & California Youth Football Tournament took place on consecutive Sundays, offering a morning and afternoon session for each age group. Tournament Organiser’s unwavering support ensured a smooth running of the event, freeing the club’s dedicated volunteers to focus on creating an exceptional experience for the young participants.

Tailored for Maximum Enjoyment

With a deep understanding of the unique needs of each age group, Tournament Organiser designed custom knockout competitions, allowing all ten teams in each age group ability category to participate fully. In the Under 7’s age group, a round-robin format was embraced, and reallocated groups were determined once the first set of group games had been completed all handled by the bespoke system Tournament Organiser built for the tournament. This strategic approach maximised enjoyment and fair play, leaving a lasting positive impact on the young participants.

Passionate Commitment to Youth Football

The partnership between Tournament Organiser and Eversley & California Youth Football Club thrives on shared values of simplicity, efficiency, and a genuine passion for youth football. Together, they elevate each tournament, delivering efficient and rewarding experiences for clubs, players, and supporters.

Your Success is Our Priority

Tournament Organiser’s dedicated support in handling fixtures and management allowed Eversley & California to focus wholeheartedly on fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere. The result was a memorable celebration of youth football, etched in the hearts of young players and cherished by all involved.